Dead Man’s Trail gameplay video trailer

Hello Everyone,

Here is the new trailer of Dead Man’s Trail we have been working on. This is gameplay trailer. All the footage is shot in-game. Hope you enjoy it. If you like this video and want to know more about the game, you can check some of the other posts on this website and follow us on Facebook: PieForBreakfastStudios

Thanks for watching the video. Stay tuned for more updates.

Four Characters, Four different maps

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since our last post. We have been working very hard to get DMT working with tons of new content and features and we are at a stage where we definitely need to show the awesome progress we have made in last one month.

So here are some screenshots showing four playable characters we have integrated into the gameplay on four randomly generated levels:


The four characters: Redneck, Nurse, Athlete and Mechanic



Map 1: Redneck


Map 2: Nurse


Map 3: Athlete


Map 4: Mechanic

So that is the progress update but we are not done yet. Now it is time to go back to work.

Have a nice day!


Removing View Blocking Geometery in Isometric Camera Setting in DMT

This update is to showcase the solution to view blocking geometry in isometeric camera setting in DMT.
View blocking geometry is the object or part of object that hides the player from camera when the player is behind that object. Since the camera angle is fixed in isometric setting, one of the viable solutions is to actually make the object fully or partially transparent. We use simple ray cast from the camera to detect whether the player is behind a certain object and if that object has view blocking properties than the object is made transparent. The following are before and after images of such an effect in DMT.
Before removal of view blocking geometry

After removal of view blocking geometry

Navmesh and Pathfinding

NavMesh ScreenShot

A screenshot of how the pathfinding is being done in DMT. The navmesh designates the walkable and non-walkable areas and pathfinding algorithm uses this navmesh to find shortest route to destination.