Special zombies!

Hey there DMT fans. Today we wanted to give you a preview of some of our special zombies. While the game gets plenty tense as players run and dodge hordes of regular zombies (especially if they spend a little too much time looting…), we thought we should add some variety to the mix. Our first such addition is three special zombies to looting mode that will affect the player’s journey in different ways.

Special zombies
The Banshee, the Oozer, and the Plague Zombie

Our three special zombies are the Banshee, the Oozer, and the Plague zombie. For this game in particular, which focuses not only on your ability to run around and shoot zombies but also staying out of dangerous situations and surviving a long road trip, we had to think of zombies that would support our core mechanics.

First we wanted something that allowed us to make interesting level design choices in looting mode and that would force the player to think about their route through cities. Our answer for this is the Banshee, a blind zombie that patrols cities.

The Banshee
The Banshee

Rather than attacking the player directly when it finds them, it screams loudly. This attracts a horde of zombies to the player’s area that they must contend with. The Banshee has the power to transform even the stealthiest and most skilled¬†player’s uneventful looting missions into tense fights for survival.


Banshee summoning horde
The Banshee has found the player and calls other zombies.
Banshee with horde
The horde quickly boxes in the player.
Player and horde
The player must fight their way out of the horde that the Banshee summoned.

While the Banshee affects looting mode by adding more zombies to the playing field, the Oozer limits the player’s ability to run from those zombies.This zombie’s mutation causes its arms and jaw to fall off while sticky green goo oozes from the leftover cavities.

The Oozer
The Oozer

As the Oozer wanders through levels, they leave trails that slow the player down considerably. This can be especially threatening if the player is running from an especially big horde of zombies.

Beware the Oozer's gooey wake.
Beware the Oozer’s gooey wake.

The final special zombie is the Plague Zombie.

Plague Zombie
Plague Zombie

This large zombie is a ticking time bomb of infected pus that charges at players when it detects them. When it reaches the player it explodes, sending its infectious innards everywhere.

Plague Zombie charging
Plague Zombie charging
Splat! Now you have Dysentery!
Splat! Now you have Dysentery!

We wanted a zombie that not only affected the player in looting mode, but also had an effect on the player’s state across both game modes. When the Plague Zombie explodes near a player character, that character becomes ill – a condition which transfers to travel mode.

That’s it for now. We’ll be appearing at Video Gamers United (VGU) in Washington DC next weekend at booth 201 with our special zombies in tow. Look for updates on that show and on some upcoming additions to the game!

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