Core team:

Chris Totten – @Totter87

Chris is the team lead and art director. He is also a DC-based game design professor. He has worked on 20+ indie, mobile, and serious game projects as an artist, art director, animator, designer, and producer. He has written two books on game development: Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity and An Architectural Approach to Level Design and is the editor of Level Design: Processes and Experiences. He is also the founder of the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) Arcade, a yearly showcase of indie games at the SAAM.

Navjot Garg

Navjot is one of the gameplay programmers on the team. He graduated from CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center and now works as software engineer on the East Coast. He has a lot of experience as Unity 3D developer and graphics programmer. In past, he worked on small edutainment projects, a gesture detection framework using Kinect with Unity3D and an animation framework for game engines.

Taro Omiya

Taro is the other gameplay programmer on the team.  He’s an active indie game developer in the Albany, NY area that has developed more than 15 games.  He’s also a big Nintendo fan that comes from the geekiest college, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  An expert level Unity 3D developer who always strives to create new and unique gaming experiences!

Alex Estep

Alex Estep is an environment artist on DMT. He graduated from GMU with a BFA in Computer Game Design and received his Certificate of Fine Arts from John Tyler Community College. He has comprehensive experience in 2D digital art, 3D modeling, animation, and user interface design. He worked for e4 Software as an Art Intern, GMU Computer Game Design as Website Administrator and Designer and Graphic Artist, and Lead Artist for I.V.I.S., a firefighting simulator for the Fairfax County Fire Department.

Chris Kukla

Chris is a sound designer, musician, and composer based in Chicago. Chris studied general music in an academic setting at Waubonsee College (Sugar Grove, IL) as well as music composition at North Park University (Chicago, IL). During this time, Chris gained knowledge regarding music synthesis, music theory, musicology, and many other things with which he can bore his non-musican friends. He has worked on 20+ games as a sound designer and composer.


Melissa Manlutac – 2D art and UI graphics

Michael Kenderian – 3D environment art

Chris Magher – 2D promotional graphics, concept art


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