Screenshot Saturday

We’ve had a busy few months of working on the game and getting some new things in place so we’ll be playing some catch-up with posts. Here are some screenshots for today’s #screenshotsaturday of our tutorial level and some work-in-progress fort interfaces.

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Screenshot Saturday – 9/3/2016

We’re back from a short absence with some new things to show off. This week it’s our newly implemented vehicle breakdown system, looting car parts, a preview of looting armor, and other looting graphical enhancements.


Smoke and Sparks

Prototype – graphics not final


Prototype – graphics not final


Prototype – graphics not final

VehicleWindowlooting    FogAndArrows


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Dead Man’s Trail – Release date announcement trailer

For this week’s update, here’s our latest trailer, showing footage of new features and revealing the game’s release date!

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Screenshot Saturday – 7/9/16

It’s that time of the week! Here are some screenshots from Dead Man’s Trail! Today’s batch focuses on some of the fun features of Travel Mode and a few of new areas in Looting Mode.

So my choices are a terrible route and a terrible route...

So my choices are a terrible route and a terrible route…

ST01 Forest01 CT01

Oh no...

Oh no…

The map changes based on the paths you choose.

The map changes based on the paths you choose.

Morale is at an all-time low...

Morale is at an all-time low…

Ford the horde!

Ford the horde!

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Screenshot Saturday – 7/2/16

Happy Screenshot Saturday and Independence Day weekend (and Canada Day weekend for our Canadian friends!)

Here’s a new batch of screenshots showing our new looting environments. Enjoy! Forest01 Mountain01 River01 Town01 country01 country02 country03 country04 desert01 Farm01 Farm02 Farm03

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Screenshot Saturday 06/18/16

We’ve been doing it on Twitter at @totter87 and on our Facebook page, but since we’ve been getting a ton on the game we thought we’d make #ScreenshotSaturday a more regular feature on this website. Here’s today’s batch, playtesting our new looting environments!

Bridge Canal Country01 Desert01 Desert02 Desert03 Horde Horde02 NightLight

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Dead Man’s Trail @ MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase

Hey all,

We’re back from the dead with more new footage. This time it’s the follow-up to our booth at Maryland’s Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest.) How did the crowd like it? Watch to find out!

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Dead Man’s Trail gameplay video trailer

Hello Everyone,

Here is the new trailer of Dead Man’s Trail we have been working on. This is gameplay trailer. All the footage is shot in-game. Hope you enjoy it. If you like this video and want to know more about the game, you can check some of the other posts on this website and follow us on Facebook: PieForBreakfastStudios

Thanks for watching the video. Stay tuned for more updates.

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10 scary facts about DMT – new features revealed!

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve been in contact with information about Dead Man’s Trail (DMT), but we’re rising from the dead to show off the results of our hard work these past few months. We’ve been working hard on implementing DMT’s Oregon Trail-like travel mode and are excited to finally be able to talk more about it. We’ve also taken into account the great feedback we’ve gotten from those of you who played the game at Baltimore Artscape and Video Gamers United in DC and we hope you’ll be as excited as we are about some of these new features:

glockRender_NoGlow shotgunRender_NoGlow revolverRender_NoGlow macheteRender_NoGlow katanaRender_NoGlow fieldHockeyStickRender_NoGlow baseballBatRender_NoGlow ar15Render_NoGlow

  1. Weapons, weapons, and more weapons: So far, our DMT screenshots, videos, and demos have featured a modest smattering of our weapon inventory (typically about 2 or 3.) As of this writing, we have 11 unique weapons in the game – 6 guns and 5 melee weapons. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses in their firing speed, range, power, and other factors that you will have to weigh when choosing what to bring into fights.


Graphics subject to change

  1. Inventory loadout: Speaking of choosing your inventory, when you leave the safety of your truck to loot on foot, you can choose what to bring with you via our loadout screen. This shows you your available party members and their current conditions, as well as the items you currently have in your inventory. You can choose which character you’d like to take into looting mode (the ones that haven’t been bitten) and load them up by transferring weapons from your inventory into the loadout window.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.03.32 PM

Graphics subject to change

  1. Inventory burden: “You shot 1000 lb. of meat but you can only carry 50 back!” – old-school Oregon Trail players will remember that from their childhoods as making inventory management more challenging by limiting how many resources you could gather. We’ve preserved this feature in DMT with the burden bar that shows up in the loadout screen and during looting mode. As the player’s burden bar fills, their chosen looting character runs slower, making it harder to dodge zombies. As more zombies appear in towns, this can make looting more difficult. Players can drop items by dragging and dropping them from the inventory back into the game window as they run away. They can also tell how heavy an item is by looking at its highlight color – yellow for light, orange for medium, and red for heavy.


Graphics subject to change

  1. Inventory item types: Players must manage many resources to survive in DMT. There are 5 such resource types in DMT – food, medicine, gas, ammo, and auto parts. Each of these interact with party status in some way.


Graphics subject to change

  1. Health management: Food is consumed consistently as the player travels. The amount you feed your party as you travel controls how quickly their health deteriorates – generous portions allow their health to stay consistent while meager portions makes it deteriorate more quickly.

If player characters are low on health, their chances of getting sick increase. Units of medicine must be spent to cure illnesses (which include dysentery of course) vary based on the severity of the disease.


Graphics subject to change

  1. Vehicle health: Your vehicle loses power just like your party members do. As you travel, you burn gas at a rate dependent on your chosen speed. Likewise, parts of your vehicle – tires, the battery, the muffler, and axles – take damage when encountering damaging trail hazards (rough terrain, fording hordes, etc.) As your vehicle loses total health (the sum of the health of your car parts) you lose the ability to travel quickly and will have to loot for more parts.


  1. Bartering with ammo: Ammo has a special function in DMT. It is used both in firearms and to barter for supplies. Players must make the difficult choice of mowing down zombies or conserving ammo for shopping at forts.



  1. Morale: The dangers of Dead Man’s Trail are stressful to party members. As travel becomes more difficult (illness, zombie attacks, running low on supplies, etc.) party member morale will suffer as well. When party members are extremely low, they will go crazy and may become dangerous hazards capable of anything from running away with supplies to hurting themselves and others.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.15.31 PM

  1. Zombie bites: Party members can be bitten in 2 ways: when the player chooses to drive their vehicle through hordes (fording the horde) or randomly when they are attacked when below 25% health in looting mode. Once bitten, they cannot be cured and will slowly become a zombie. Players cannot choose to loot with these characters anymore (if bitten during a looting mission, the player can still complete it with the current character.) Players may choose to keep these characters alive to take advantage of their unique abilities (mechanics fixing the vehicle, etc.) but risk having other party members bitten if the infection becomes too intense.

Nerd_con_reveal 1920

  1. New characters: So far we’ve been showing off 4 characters – the Redneck, the Paramedic, the College Athlete, and the Mechanic – and showing travel mode with a party of 4. Did you really think we’d limit it players to only 4 choices? The final game will have 8 playable characters, and we’re ready to show off 2 more: the Ex-Con and the Zombie Nerd.

The Ex-Con is a character hardened by years in a medium security prison. While serving time, she could get things from the outside, skills which serve her well when shopping during the zombie apocalypse as she can get special deals on items at forts.

The Zombie Nerd has been waiting for the zombies to come all of his life. His knowledge of zombie movies, tv, books, and video games have given him an edge over people who thought he was a weirdo. He can get extra time when looting, though is unskilled with weapons.

Dysenty zombies



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Special zombies!

Hey there DMT fans. Today we wanted to give you a preview of some of our special zombies. While the game gets plenty tense as players run and dodge hordes of regular zombies (especially if they spend a little too much time looting…), we thought we should add some variety to the mix. Our first such addition is three special zombies to looting mode that will affect the player’s journey in different ways.

Special zombies

The Banshee, the Oozer, and the Plague Zombie

Our three special zombies are the Banshee, the Oozer, and the Plague zombie. For this game in particular, which focuses not only on your ability to run around and shoot zombies but also staying out of dangerous situations and surviving a long road trip, we had to think of zombies that would support our core mechanics.

First we wanted something that allowed us to make interesting level design choices in looting mode and that would force the player to think about their route through cities. Our answer for this is the Banshee, a blind zombie that patrols cities.

The Banshee

The Banshee

Rather than attacking the player directly when it finds them, it screams loudly. This attracts a horde of zombies to the player’s area that they must contend with. The Banshee has the power to transform even the stealthiest and most skilled player’s uneventful looting missions into tense fights for survival.


Banshee summoning horde

The Banshee has found the player and calls other zombies.

Banshee with horde

The horde quickly boxes in the player.

Player and horde

The player must fight their way out of the horde that the Banshee summoned.

While the Banshee affects looting mode by adding more zombies to the playing field, the Oozer limits the player’s ability to run from those zombies.This zombie’s mutation causes its arms and jaw to fall off while sticky green goo oozes from the leftover cavities.

The Oozer

The Oozer

As the Oozer wanders through levels, they leave trails that slow the player down considerably. This can be especially threatening if the player is running from an especially big horde of zombies.

Beware the Oozer's gooey wake.

Beware the Oozer’s gooey wake.

The final special zombie is the Plague Zombie.

Plague Zombie

Plague Zombie

This large zombie is a ticking time bomb of infected pus that charges at players when it detects them. When it reaches the player it explodes, sending its infectious innards everywhere.

Plague Zombie charging

Plague Zombie charging

Splat! Now you have Dysentery!

Splat! Now you have Dysentery!

We wanted a zombie that not only affected the player in looting mode, but also had an effect on the player’s state across both game modes. When the Plague Zombie explodes near a player character, that character becomes ill – a condition which transfers to travel mode.

That’s it for now. We’ll be appearing at Video Gamers United (VGU) in Washington DC next weekend at booth 201 with our special zombies in tow. Look for updates on that show and on some upcoming additions to the game!

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