The level design of Dead Man’s Trail on Gamasutra and Screenshot Saturday 4/22/17

Hey all! Today’s Saturday update includes an article on Dead Man’s Trail’s level design, which was featured on game industry website Gamasutra last week.

The level design article outlines things like the team’s design goals for the game’s zombies, how levels were designed to best utilize them, and how we used playtesting to get our difficulty “just right.” It can be found here.

Likewise, we’re hard at work improving some front-end elements and creating our fort interface.

Forts are the last thing for us to add before we are feature complete. We can then head towards polishing the game and pushing towards content-complete.

Look for early access to begin in mid-June! We’ll also be sending the game out to streamers soon!

Press for Dead Man’s Trail and Screenshot Saturday 4/8/17

We’ve had a good few weeks getting press for Dead Man’s Trail and votes on its Steam Greenlight page!

Some highlights:

Bloody Disgusting did a preview, saying “what if you took The Oregon Trail, and threw zombies into the picture? Well, that’s exactly what Pie For Breakfast Studios have done with Dead Man’s Trail.”

Likewise DC  posted a preview and we were also mentioned in the Smithsonian’s Eye Level blog post about the DC game development scene. 

We also have some new gifs and screenshots of the game showing recently added or modified stuff like vehicle breakdowns, the new Plague Zombie explosion, a creepy new loading screen, and tons and tons of zombies!

Work-in-progress new loading screen


Screenshot Saturday

We’ve had a busy few months of working on the game and getting some new things in place so we’ll be playing some catch-up with posts. Here are some screenshots for today’s #screenshotsaturday of our tutorial level and some work-in-progress fort interfaces.

Screenshot Saturday – 9/3/2016

We’re back from a short absence with some new things to show off. This week it’s our newly implemented vehicle breakdown system, looting car parts, a preview of looting armor, and other looting graphical enhancements.


Smoke and Sparks
Prototype – graphics not final
Prototype – graphics not final
Prototype – graphics not final

VehicleWindowlooting    FogAndArrows


Screenshot Saturday – 7/9/16

It’s that time of the week! Here are some screenshots from Dead Man’s Trail! Today’s batch focuses on some of the fun features of Travel Mode and a few of new areas in Looting Mode.

So my choices are a terrible route and a terrible route...
So my choices are a terrible route and a terrible route…

ST01 Forest01 CT01

Oh no...
Oh no…
The map changes based on the paths you choose.
The map changes based on the paths you choose.
Morale is at an all-time low...
Morale is at an all-time low…
Ford the horde!
Ford the horde!

Screenshot Saturday – 7/2/16

Happy Screenshot Saturday and Independence Day weekend (and Canada Day weekend for our Canadian friends!)

Here’s a new batch of screenshots showing our new looting environments. Enjoy! Forest01 Mountain01 River01 Town01 country01 country02 country03 country04 desert01 Farm01 Farm02 Farm03

Screenshot Saturday 06/18/16

We’ve been doing it on Twitter at @totter87 and on our Facebook page, but since we’ve been getting a ton on the game we thought we’d make #ScreenshotSaturday a more regular feature on this website. Here’s today’s batch, playtesting our new looting environments!

Bridge Canal Country01 Desert01 Desert02 Desert03 Horde Horde02 NightLight

Dead Man’s Trail gameplay video trailer

Hello Everyone,

Here is the new trailer of Dead Man’s Trail we have been working on. This is gameplay trailer. All the footage is shot in-game. Hope you enjoy it. If you like this video and want to know more about the game, you can check some of the other posts on this website and follow us on Facebook: PieForBreakfastStudios

Thanks for watching the video. Stay tuned for more updates.